Pixie Bob Cats 101

Pixie Bob Cats 101. Just in case you haven’t found out yet, pixie bobs are a domestic breed of cat bred to resemble the bobcat. Check out our cats in action!

Pixiebob Pixiebob Cat
Pixiebob Pixiebob Cat from hannahworldpedia.blogspot.com

The cat belonged to carol ann brewer, and that she called a female kitty pixie. Pixiebob tails may be as short as 2 inches, but they can sometimes be much longer. As a result, they are more easily trained and naturally playful than most other cat breeds.

Acts Like A Dog It Is Not Unheard Of That Pixie Bobs Know Their Name, Come When Called And Even Perform Tricks.

Pixiebob cats should be medium to large in size, with prominent shoulderblades and a slight upward slope from shoulder to hip. She is a total cuddle bug and enjoys the company of humans, dogs and bunnies alike. They need to be stimulated with regular exercise/play and interactive toys.

The Pixiebob’s Founding Breeder, Carol Ann Brewer, Describes The Cats As “Part Monkey” Because Of Their Intelligence, Curiosity And Dexterity.

“life will never be the same once you decide to share. The chest should be broad and a primordial belly pouch may be evident. These are absolutely beautiful and amazing examples of this breed and are often just a couple of years old.

Its Trainability And Sociability Are Just Two Of The Reasons Why Breeders Put A Premium On Its Price.

The average domestic cat weighs about 8 lb (4 kg). No captive bobcats are used in my breeding program. Her name means “sweet” and she is very appropriately named.

As A Result, They Are More Easily Trained And Naturally Playful Than Most Other Cat Breeds.

Check out our cats in action! While they are fine to be left alone during the day while you are at work, they should be played with once you have returned. Males are usually larger than females.

Legally, They Are Domestic Cats And Their Ownership Is Not Restricted Like Exotic Wild Cats.

Head the head should be medium to large, forming an inverted pear shape. One of the defining characteristics of the pixiebob is its short tail. A great alternative to rescue is a retired pixie bob cat.

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